The public streetlight has spread widely all over the countries in big cities as well as in small villages. This system was used exclusively to ensure the lighting of streets, squares, parks, often using obsolete technologies. The stare-of-art street lighting ensures significant power and savings, provides the opportunity for improving the urban safety, guarantees attractive everyday surroundings and sustainable carbon dioxide emissions cutdown. In the case it is perceived as investment project, this project would be capable of achieving positive urban development faster than all other modernization projects. It could save up to 85% of the lighting costs with the use of energy efficiency LED lighting and intelligent control and management systems that simultaneously improve lighting quality.

Improve the streetlight service, the technological challenge has moved beyond, giving body to an ultra-wide band (UWB) network capable of delivering services with high technological content.

The effectiveness in planning and in the achievement of the services offered, allows to exploit the potential of technology, ensuring efficiency and guaranteed results.

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